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    Your expert source for flexible foil heating technology.

    Quality You can Trust

    We provide the highest quality products in a timely manner. Our focus is on achieving 100% customer satisfaction. 

    PTC Heaters


    Automatic temperature control and excellent product durability.

    PTC curve is a unique characteristic of heater with carbon paste,

    and it means that the resistance will rise if the temperature is

    overheated, allowing to control the temperature on its own.


    Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistance Graph

    Suntech’s heater uses PTC Characteristic-resistance increases as the temperature increases. Thus, when connected to electricity

    the eater ad can control and maintain temperature itself without any other system along with condition.

    CW Heater

    The ‘Suntech’ uses specially made electrodes to produce a CW

    high temperature heater to suit the customer’s requirements.

    This solution applies to a wide range of automotive battery heaters, camera lenses, electric trains, Subway, etc.

    These special electrodes are corrosion resistant and durable, allowing for excellent heater performance. The base film is also applied with PI (polyimide), which has a high thermal resistance.

    This prevents the film from being transformed.

    Micro Heater


    In today’s fast-changing global market, demand for cameras is

    skyrocketing across industries. In order to catch up, Suntech has

    also developed heaters that can be applied to a variety of cameras.

    Suntech’s technology enables reliable heating solutions to be applied to cameras in a variety of ways, including through foaming, molding, and adhesive utilization.

    Film Type


    Suntech offers a variety of film types for different applications

    01. PET

    PET offers excellent heat transfer and uniform heat output. It is safe, power-saving and durable, making it the most economical flexibleheating element. 

    Max power density: 0,6W/cm²

    Max. temperature: +105°C

    Applications:Mirror heaters, De-icing equipment, Hand grip heaters, Rear view mirrors, Battery heaters.

    02. PI

    Thin and semi-transparent with excellent dielectric strength. Resistant to chemicals. 

    Max. power density: 1,3W/cm²

    Max. temperature: +200°C

    Applications:Medical instrument, LCD displays, Lens heaters, Laboratory equipment.

    03. PC

    Suntech's "PC Film" is a top-notch product with high transparency.This product minimizes radio interference and has very favorable characteristics in the plastic injection process. 

    Max power density: 0.8W/cm²

    Max. temperature: +120°C

    05. PVC

    Suntech’s PVC flim is very flexible, waterproof and acid resistant with high mechanical strength. 

    Max. power density: 0,1W/cm²

    Max. temperature: +70°C

    Applications: Heated waterbeds heaters, water heaters, defense equipment, heated blankets and surgery beds.

    04. PEN

    PEN has higher chemical, thermal, mechanical and electrical properties than PET. It is more cost effective compared to polyimide. 

    Max. power density: 1W/cm²

    Max. temperature: +160°C

    Applications:Electronic devices, Radiators, Medical uses, High power standard elements.

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