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    We offer a wide selection of heating products 

    to meet your needs.


    We offer a wide selection of heating products to meet your needs.

    Products We Offer



    With over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, Suntech is a leading global supplier of a wide range of heating products serving customers in several industries. We produce all sorts of heaters and Film-type sensors (SBR).

    To meet the evolving needs of our customers, we continue to grow and expand our product offerings through a strong commitment to R&D

    and innovation.

    Our experienced team can help you choose the ideal heating solutions and sensor products. We can develop and customize solutions according

    to your specifications in our world-class labs and manufacturing facilities. We serve several industries including automotive, medical, life sciences, commercial and home comfort.

    Automotive Rear-View Mirror Heater



    Our Heaters are trusted by top auto manufacturers worldwide.You can trust Suntech’s 25 years’ experience to deliver world-class design and heat distribution based on exact OEM specifications.


    We can help you determine the best balance between power and defrosting. Our technicians will develop a heater that corresponds

    to your requirements, through the most advanced Cad programs.


    We can design heaters for every specific rear-view mirror, either in Constant Wattage or PTC. We meet most of the car manufacturers specs, through high and low power, depending on the allowed maximum temperature on the glass.

    Automotive Camera Lens Heater

    for CMS, SRVM



    Suntech offers state of the art heating solutions for various type of automotive camera lens. These camera monitoring systems (CMS) is an important safety feature in mordern cars in order to detect and prevent collision.


    We provide heating solution for CMS, SRVM, Our solutions provides heating to keep the camera lens free from moisture and ice to ensure a safe drive.


    Lidar & Radar Heater for ADAS



    Suntech is providing various types of heating solution for sensor like Radars and Lidars those are most important key parts for ADAS and must free from ice and water drop. 


    Our superb know-how and knowledge accumulated 25 years will support customers and satisfy the demand.


    Automotive Fuel Cell Heater

    (Battery Heater)



    Suntech provides solutions for instant and rapid heating

    of automotive battery cells in sub-zero weather. Our core technology is being applied to the BMS(Battery Management System) of

    eco-friendly vehicles.


    Designed to save the electrical energy of the battery, the system is now being used for hydrogen and electric vehicles.


    It is essential for the eco-friendly vehicles in cold weather as it prevents the battery-based vehicle’s engine from not starting.


    We feel confident that the introduction of fuel cell heater technology is the best way to save and optimize the battery life.

    Automotive Interior Heater



    We’ve got you covered from cold!


    At Suntech our heating solutions go beyond car seats, we offer heating solutions for the entire automotive interior from heated armrests to floors.


    Designed as per customer requirements to ensure maximum comfort and safety. All our solutions are designed and tested

    for quality, durability and customer satisfaction.

    Household Heating



    At Suntech we also provide heating solutions for home comfort.


    Our portfolio includes solutions for waterbeds, house or RV flooring, bathroom mirror demisters, panel heaters and towel heaters.


    Our household products offer you great solutions to ensure easy and safe heating.

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